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Jo Munton is a puppeteer and storyteller, sculptor and animator.  She has performed internationally from Siberia to Spain, from Denmark to India. But has mostly been based in Mid Wales, working on many projects from storytelling at Bryn Cello Ddu on ynys mon to operating Giant puppets at the Millenium centre, Cardiff. From performing rowdy pirate puppet shows at the waterside museum in swansea  to telling tales about Siberian shaman at Machynlleth comedy festival. From an award winning commission from Powys County Council for a show about about waste management, to a Spanish language show ( Jo worked for a Barcelonian touring  childrens theatre for 5 years) for Ectrac, Llangollen.



She is also a tour guide for adventurous groups to journey into creative explorations. They might be exploring local myth or the science and story of a water droplet, or  numeracy in carnival or their fears and dreams.  They might be making puppet shows, films, animations, poems, stories or emotional treasure maps.  They will be playing games and exercises that raise confidence, problem solving and finding to joy in working together.  They may be schools or youth groups, mencap or age Cymru.

It was whilst making one puppet show with 3 separate schools that she discovered the amazing possibilities of the humble plastic milk bottle. 

For her project in Newport she will be raiding her neighbours recycling bins and creating a series of portraits of the people of the town in milk bottles.





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